Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

This is to inform that the Government of Nepal has introduced Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) in place of visa stickers/handwritten visas to all applicants holding Passports or Travel Documents. Accordingly, the Embassy has started to issue ETA effective from 25 August 2023.

The traveller should present the ETA issued by the Embassy at an immigration desk at the entry points in Nepal where the ETA will be converted into a corresponding visa, and the printed visa will be affixed on to the passport.  If the ETA is lost, travellers can also present the passport/travel document that was used for the ETA application.

ETA is valid up to 6 months from the date of issuance.

All the other requirements and processes for obtaining ETA from the Embassy, including the submission of physical passports, remain the same.

The Government of Nepal reserves the right to grant or refuse visas.