Power of Attorney

Certification of Power of Attorney: Documents should be duly prepared to meet its legal criteria. The person must make his/her physical presence at the Embassy.

    1. Fees for the Certification of Power of Attorney CAD 270.00 (As of July 17, 2018) may be paid through Debit Card or Bank Draft / Money Order in the name of “Embassy of Nepal, Ottawa”

Required Documents 

  • Letter of Power of Attorney prepared by Lawyer/Self in a legal size Nepali paper
  • An application prepared by the Lawyer/Self
  • Original Nepalese passport and its copy
  • Original Nepalese citizenship and its copy
  • Copy of citizenship of the person whom the Power of Attorney is given
  • Two recently taken passport-size photographs
  • For Power of Attorney of selling land, original land ownership certificate (LALPOORJA)
  • For Power of Attorney of selling other properties (like selling of motorbikes, cars, etc.), original property ownership
  • For Power of Attorney of divorce, original marriage certificate.

Note: If you are flying or driving from a long distance to get the document signed please call Embassy in advance to find out if Ambassador is available on the date you are planning to come as this document is signed only by Ambassador.

Effective from April 2023, the service of attestation of Power of Attorney for Foreign Nationals of Nepali origin (NRN card holders),  has been suspended in accordance with the provision of the National Civil Procedure (Code) Act, 2017 of Nepal Section 153(3) and the circular received at the Embassy.